Construction barrier to protect trees

Everyone benefits from trees. Lets work together to protect them prior, during and after construction.

Preserving and Protecting Trees

City trees are a valuable asset and are assigned a monetary value. To avoid unplanned costs or expenses on trees, consult with an Urban Forester from the City's Urban Forestry team prior to the start of the project for tree preservation recommendations.

If you or your project damage or remove a City tree, equitable compensation will be applied and charged to the project, as per the Corporate Tree Management Policy (C456C).

For example, a tree that has been severely damaged may need to be removed. You will be held responsible for both the cost of removal and the asset value of the tree.

The Corporate Tree Management Policy and Corporate Tree Management and Tree Reserve Procedure outline how the City ensures growth, sustainability, acquisition, stewardship, maintenance, protection and preservation of the City of Edmonton Urban Forest. These documents also outline when asset value will be charged for tree loss or damages and how the money will be used to grow our urban forest.

The Importance of Tree Protection and Preservation Plans

To prevent damage and potential loss of trees, it is recommended to develop a Tree Protection Plan or a Tree Preservation Plan any time construction or demolition activities (including access to the site and lay down) occur within 5 metres of a City tree or within 10 metres of a natural stand. 

Please reference the below Step-by-Step Guide for best management practices to follow.

Tree preservation and protection is a critical first step in construction and demolition project planning. Plan ahead! Call 311 to speak to an Urban Forester from the City's Urban Forestry team to learn more.