The City of Edmonton is reviewing the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy which  provides a framework for the management of pests and weeds completed by the City of Edmonton.

As part of this review, two existing pesticide exemption programs will be merged together. The Medical Alert Pesticide Program and the Herbicide Exemption Request Program have now been combined into one program titled the “Pesticide Exemption Program”.

Under this newly combined program, citizens who want to restrict application of pesticides on City of Edmonton property that is within 30 metres of their residence can request this by filling out an online form. You will be required to enter an email address.

Once this form is received, you will be sent a confirmation email indicating your exemption has become active. City employees and contractors will not apply pesticides within 30 metres of your residence unless there is a ‘pertinent need’ to do so. 

If a situation arises where there is a pertinent need to apply pesticide, you will be contacted 48 hours prior to the application.

In this situation, ‘pertinent need’ is defined as:

  • Risk to public safety (e.g. swarming/stinging insects or toxic plants)
  • Invasive insects with potential for substantial economical and ecological impact
  • Infestations that cannot be controlled without large scale invasive excavation. All other available methods of control will be assessed before a pesticide is used. 

Citizens will be required to renew their registration every year by emailing or by calling and leaving a message at 780-496-5995.  An automatic renewal notice will be issued in January of the renewal year. Renewals must be received before April of the application year. Current registrants that were registered for either program will be automatically enrolled in the new program for one year. 

Pesticide Exemption Program Application Form