Guides and resources to help create safer communities.

The resources here were developed by the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team based on community feedback and are designed to help people and businesses create safer neighbourhoods.

Business Safety Matters cover

Business Safety Matters

This resource provides a series of tips to help property owners, business owners, and employees reduce crime and disorder at their place of work.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) booklet provides a quick and practical guide to steps Edmontonians can take to make their property safer.

neighbourhood response cover

Neighbourhood Response Tool

This guide helps you make the right call at the right time. It informs you on what to do and who to call in case you witness a range of situations from vandalism, intoxication and substance abuse to property and business concerns. It also provides tangible steps to increase safety and minimize risk.

Neighbourhood Response Guide

positive interactions cover

Encouraging Positive Interactions

This guide can open the door to more positive interactions with people we may feel apprehensive around or are unfamiliar with. When we begin to understand some of the reasons behind people's behaviours, catching problematic behaviours early and knowing how to de-escalate heightened situations can help us feel more comfortable in all of our interactions. 

safer business spaces cover

Safer Business Spaces

Reducing opportunity reduces crime. This quick reference offers practical tips that can be incorporated into how businesses organize and manage their space to help reduce the opportunity for criminal activity and create safer spaces.

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seniors safety cover

Seniors Safety At The Door

Unfortunately, seniors can fall victim to coercive individuals at their door. This printable poster can be placed on doors to help remind seniors of the steps they can take to protect themselves. 

protect your home cover

Protect Your Home

Don’t forget these quick and easy tips to help protect your home. Lock it up! Light it up! Tidy it up!

youth transit resource cover

Youth Transit Guide

This pocket guide offers youth a list of resources and agencies that are in close proximity to major transit terminals. *Please note agency hours and services may change without notice. 

9pm routine guide cover

9pm Routine

Lives are stressful enough! Routine can help you take proper precautions in preventing crimes of opportunity. Set a reminder to take a quick look around your property, lock up and secure everything, bring in valuables from your car and turn on exterior lights every evening. 

If you are interested in different infographic versions to share with others please contact us. 

homelessness guide cover

Youth Experiencing Homelessness

This document will help you to make the right referral when trying to assist a youth who is at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. Some shelters will not accept youth or do not have services that are available to that would specifically meet the needs of young people. This sheet lists organisations in Edmonton that currently provide immediate assistance or have specialised care for homeless youth.

Personal Safety - Individuals

There are times when we encounter situations that can make us feel uneasy or unsafe. The following strategies can help increase your safety and the safety of others. 

Personal Safety - Businesses

Your safety and the safety of your staff are important, the following strategies can help identify steps you can take to ensure a safer working environment.