Project Overview

Studies completed in recent years identified the need for upgrades to the Stadium LRT Station. An updated Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) completed in 2017 confirmed the need to align these upgrades with planned Transit Oriented Development in the area.

Feedback gathered during public engagement was summarized into 3 key themes:

  • Safety and Security
  • Comfort
  • Barrier-free Accessibility

What We Heard Report

Through planning and preliminary design of the redevelopment work, the following priorities were outlined:

  • Design elements that increase passenger safety, comfort and connectivity
  • Improvements to accessibility and flow and to ensure the LRT station and transit centre are connected, allowing people to move safely and efficiently
  • Improvements for more efficient and sustainable long-term maintenance and operations
  • Replace and repair outdated and damaged areas in the existing station
  • Incorporate land-use integration with the Stadium Station Area Redevelopment Plan which was approved by City Council in February 2018.

Planned upgrades included in the design include:

  • New platform added on the west side of the tracks (the existing platform would remain to serve northbound passengers)
  • Barrier-free access at the end of each platform
  • Removal of the underground concourse
  • Added access point to the new southbound platform connecting the pathway between the station and Commonwealth Stadium
  • New heated shelters on each platform and at the Stadium Transit Centre (buses)
  • New public washrooms
  • Enhanced lighting
  • New bike parking
  • Added pedestrian track crossings at both ends of the station
  • Connections to the multi-use trails on both sides of the tracks
  • Removal of 69 trees from the area
  • Planting 151 new trees in the area