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The Metro Line Northwest LRT is part of the City’s Transportation Master Plan vision. Extending the current line will improve mobility and access to existing and new neighbourhoods in the north and northwest areas of the city.

Determining How the LRT Will Fit

Concept Phase

May 2019: Public Information Session

On May 8, 2019, a public information session was held to deliver a design update on Phase 1 of the Metro Line NW Extension (NAIT to Blatchford). The event provided the public with opportunities to learn and ask questions about final design plans and timelines.

A video rendering of the Phase 1 corridor was developed and presented on a loop to provide the public with a visual representation of the design plans. A 3-Dimensional video station was also available to provide participants with the option to experience navigating through the corridor. A series of display panels containing information on project scope, design characteristics, timeline and next steps were also available for the public to view. The event was attended by over 100 citizens.

Event Materials:
Display Boards
2017-18 Engagement Report (12MB)

April 2019: City Council Approval

City Council approved the capital profile.

March 2019: Government of Canada Commits $127 Million

The City has received a federal funding commitment of approximately $127 million for the Metro Line Northwest LRT, solidifying the City’s long-term vision to expand LRT to the northwest of Edmonton.

Through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan, the Government of Canada is providing approximately $127 million for the Metro Line Northwest LRT, adding to the approximately $131 million committed by the Government of Alberta in November 2018.

The City will now seek to finalize municipal funding requirements and present to City Council for consideration this spring. These funds allow the City to continue moving forward with procuring the contractors to extend the Metro Line by 1.5 kilometres into Blatchford.

Once all the funding is in place, it will take about 1 year to complete design and select a contractor for the Metro Line Northwest LRT extension into Blatchford, and another 4 years to complete construction and commissioning.

November 2018: Province of Alberta Commits $131 Million

The City has received a provincial funding commitment of $131 million for Phase One (NAIT to Blatchford) of the Metro Line NW LRT extension, solidifying the City’s long-term vision to expand LRT to the northwest of Edmonton.

These funds will be used towards the procurement and construction of Phase one of the Metro Line NW. Once additional funding is secured, it is anticipated it would take about nine months to select a contractor and another two and a half years to complete construction.

Read the Government of Alberta news release on funding announcement

September 13 and 18, 2018: Public Meetings

Those who attended the meetings learned about the City’s grade separation (tracks above, below or at street-level) recommendations and initial results of the summer online survey. Administration’s final recommendations will be taken to City Council for approval. City council postponed the non-statutory public hearing to January 22, 2019. 

What We Heard - November 2018

Meeting Materials:

Fact Sheet
Display Boards
Property Impacts

Roll Plans:

111 Avenue to Yellowhead Trail
Yellowhead Tr to 153 Avenue
Castle Downs Rd to St. Albert Tr

January 2018: What We Heard Report

The What We Heard report is from the January meetings on the Metro Line Northwest LRT extension. The City gathered feedback on alignment, level of design for express bus service alignment and grade separations at key locations.

What We Heard - Winter 2018

January 23 and 25, 2018: Open Houses

The City held a meeting to provide an update on the Metro Line Northwest LRT extension and gather feedback on alignment, level of design for express bus service alignment and grade separations at key locations.

Display Boards (12MB)

Fact Sheet

October 2017: What We Heard Report

Edmontonians in communities Northwest of City Centre share their vision of the Metro Line Northwest LRT Extension.

What We Heard - Fall 2017

August 29 to September 19, 2017: Geotechnical Drill Testing

The project team conducted geotechnical/ environmental drill testing along the future Metro Line Northwest LRT alignment. The work identified ground conditions, types of ground materials, sand pockets, contaminated areas and other information needed to determine construction methods.

September 5 to 15, 2017: Noise and Vibration Study

A noise and vibration study assessed the current conditions in advance of design and construction of the Metro Line Northwest LRT extension. The study took place on select properties along the Metro Line Northwest alignment. Property owners of chosen sites were notified by way of a hand-delivered letter.

August 23 to September 15, 2017: Ground Condition Assessment

Ground conditions were assessed before the design and construction on the Metro Line Northwest LRT extension. The work determined utility locations and ground coring/testing to understand conditions along the alignment.

June 28 to July 6, 2017: Open House Events

The public was invited to attend three open house events to learn more about the Metro Line Northwest LRT project, and to help plan for LRT and the future of the community.

Meeting Materials

Fact Sheet

Display Boards


Metro Line Northwest Map 1 of 3

Metro Line Northwest Map 2 of 3

Metro Line Northwest Map 3 of 3 (17MB)

June 13, 2017: Council Approved LRT Crossing Assessment Framework

As a result of traffic-related concerns, Council approved a framework to evaluate if LRT crossings should be at-grade, elevated or below the road.

Council Meeting Minutes June 13, 2017 (Item 6.2) 

LRT Crossing Assessment Framework 

May 8, 2013: Awaiting Funding

May 8, 2013

No budget was allocated to this project at this time to continue the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits. Once funding was avaliable the next stages were preliminary engineering, design and construction.

City Council sets the priorities for LRT construction and determines how funding will be used, however the City's 30-year Transportation Master Plan includes extending LRT to all sectors of the city by 2040.

May 1, 2013: Council Approved Concept Plan

Council Approved Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits Concept Plan
May 1, 2013

Transportation Committee approved the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits Concept Plan with two subsequent amendments.

The concept plan was developed with input from the public. It defines where the LRT will run along the approved route and where LRT stations will be located.

Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes from May 1, 2013 (Item 6.1)

Concept Planning Study Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits Transportation Committee – May 1, 2013

Recommended Concept Plan Booklet 

April 3, 2013: Public Meeting

Design Changes to the 153 Avenue Corridor Public Meeting
April 3, 2013

Participants learned about the design changes to the 153 Avenue corridor of the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits concept plan prior to presentation to City Council. Modifications to the recommended concept plan were presented and explained.

Meeting Materials

Display Boards



December 2012: Public Meeting

Recommended Concept Plan Presented
Dec 5 and 6, 2012

The plan was developed with input from the public. It defines where the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits will run along the approved route and where LRT stations will be located.

Recommended Concept Plan - Booklet

Meeting Material


Display Boards

Topics of Interest

What We Heard

Property Value and Acquisition

Detailed Maps

Campbell Road

137 Street

127 Street

Castle Downs

145 Avenue

137 Avenue

132 Avenue

City Centre Redevelopment North

City Centre Redevelopment South

June 2012: Open Houses

Discussing Options June 19 and 20, 2012

Station locations, access points (auto, pedestrian, cyclists) and alignment (track) location options along the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits corridor were presented in order to get input from the public.

Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits Concept Planning Study



Display Boards

121 Street Station

127 Street Station

129 Ave to 132 Ave Station

132 Avenue Station

137 Avenue Station

137 Street Station

145 Avenue Station

Castle Downs Station

City Centre Redevelopment 1

City Centre Redevelopment 2

Campbell Road Station

April 10, 2012: Open House

Project Scope and Process for Evaluation

City staff outlined the project scope and process for evaluation of the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits corridor. Participants were asked to identify issues and opportunities for the project going forward.

Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits Concept Planning Study
July 7, 2010: City Council Approved Route

City Council approved the 113A Street corridor as the future Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits route.

City Council Meeting Minutes (Item 6.4)

June 22, 2010: City Council Approves Corridor

1,300 people participated to Northwest LRT public involvement activities, by attending workshops, responding to an online questionnaire, participating in interviews, and joining an online discussion forum.

2010 Public Involvement Fact Sheet

City Council Public Hearing (Item 3.1)

June 2010: Information Session

Evalutation Process and Recommended Corridor

Information sessions were held to share details on the evaluation process and the recommended corridor.

The recommended LRT corridor was presented to City Council for approval following a public hearing on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.


Display Boards

Route Recommendation Fact Sheet

March 2010: Corridor Selection Public Workshops

The Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits will be an extension of the Metro Line: North LRT to NAIT LRT, connecting the NAIT station to a future park and ride facility at the northwest city limits. Following a new approach adopted in the LRT Network plan, the line will adopt an urban approach to LRT system style and operations. The extension will allow for potential regional connections and create opportunities for collaboration with the city of St. Albert.


Display Boards

Route Options

Corridor Selection Fact Sheet

February 2010: What We Heard

An online questionnaire and a series of face-to-face interviews were conducted as part of the Listening and Learning public involvement stage of the Metro Line: NAIT to North City Limits corridor selection study. The purpose of this stage of public involvement was to gain a greater understanding of benefits, issues, and impacts of LRT within the study area. This information has been used to help refine the discussion points for further public involvement.

A total of 1,199 citizens completed online questionnaires. Ten face-to-face interviews were held with major stakeholders during this phase.

What We Heard 

Online Survey Results

Profiling Interviews

January 2010: Urban LRT

An important part of the LRT Network Plan is a change in approach to the overall system style. While the current LRT system can best be described as a “suburban” system, the LRT Network Plan calls for a change in approach to an urban LRT system. LRT would continue to operate on dedicated right-of-way, with priority, so the trains do not mix with traffic or stop at intersections. However, the urban approach brings other changes that improve connections between the LRT and city life.

Urban High Floor LRT Fact Sheet

How it Started

Strategy Phase

  • In 1999 Council approved a Transportation Master Plan, The Way We Move, that recommended a city-wide high-speed transit system
  • In 2004 a study was conducted and recommended high-speed transit was suitable between downtown and NAIT
December 2008

December 2008, City Council approved a new criteria for LRT Route Planning and Evaluation. This criteria reflected a shift in the City’s strategic planning direction, as reflected in The Way We Move and The Way We Grow. For LRT and Transit investments, the original goal was to minimize travel times and increase ridership, but the new focus was finding a balance of travel time and shaping land use.

2008 to 2009

Planning Studies and Policy Change

At this time, planning studies were underway for a West LRT line. However, the change in policy direction led to a decision to re-evaluate potential west routes.

In 2009, the City also completed a long-term study to define the future size, scale and operation of Edmonton’s LRT system. The Network Plan calls for the potential development of five LRT lines across the city. For lines that don’t physically connect into the existing system, such as the Valley Line, the network plan called for the development of an urban-style LRT. This means the system should have smaller, more frequent stops that are better connected to the surrounding community.

LRT Route Planning and Evaluation Criteria

Building LRT

Stay Informed

LRT Projects

For More Information

Future LRT General Inquiries

City of Edmonton

Telephone 780-496-4874

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