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Edmonton’s bus routes could be changing. The proposed network focuses on connecting people to places and to each other.

The Bus Network Redesign would better connect Edmontonians to where they need to go today and in the future through more efficient routes. It would deliver safe, fast, convenient and reliable service. It would also balance the needs of transit users and long-term City building goals by creating a more efficient system and improving service levels.

View the final draft of the proposed bus network.

What’s New

Edmonton’s transit network reboot is the first step in bringing Edmontonians’ Transit Strategy to life. From 2015 to 2017, residents told us what they expect from their transit service. The bus network redesign is the first major step toward better meeting the needs of transit users in our city.

Every bus route in the proposed network would be new. They were designed around providing:

  • Frequent routes in inner areas of the city for residents who rely on transit as their primary way of getting around.
  • Express routes in outer areas of the city who commute downtown or the university area for work.
  • Crosstown routes in outer areas of the city to connect city quadrants.
  • Local routes to connect neighbourhoods to the frequent, express and crosstown network.
  • Community routes to connect residents with local destinations, including seniors hubs.

Transit users would enjoy many benefits in the proposed network:

  • Buses come more often, especially in peak hours, across the network.
  • Expanded service into evenings and weekends in communities that do not have it today.
  • Straighter routes with more direct service.
Providing feedback

The public engagement period for the proposed bus network concluded in fall 2018. What We Heard reports are available on the public engagement page. Citizens who wish to provide additional feedback may do so by submitting a request to speak to City Council's Urban Planning Committee on November 19, 2019. 


If the proposed bus network redesign is approved by City Council, transit users can expect to learn about the new routes and schedules by summer 2020.

November 19, 2019: Proposed bus network and new transit service standards presented to City Council's Urban Planning Committee.

Spring 2020: Installation of new temporary and permanent bus stop signs begins.

Summer 2020: New schedules and online trip planning available for the proposed network.

Summer 2020: Public outreach to help customers prepare for the proposed network roll out.

August 30, 2020 - Launch Day: City staff on site to help transit customers use the proposed network.

Planning the New Bus Network

Phase 1 (complete)

Spring/Summer 2018

Develop the Bus Network

In phase 1, our transit planners created the draft bus network based on the principles in the Transit Strategy.

We gathered feedback from many Edmontonians in April through June to make sure the new network would bring you to the places you want to go. Our transit planners used  this feedback to further refine the bus network.

Phase 2 (complete)

Summer/Fall 2018

Refine the Bus Network

In summer 2018, our transit planning team refined the draft bus network that was presented in spring 2018. The team altered the bus routes so that 80 per cent of addresses will be within a maximum five to seven minute walk to a transit stop and some routes were re-adjusted to connect to important community destinations. An alternative transit service is being reviewed for communities where the nearest transit stop is further away.

Phase 3


Prepare the Bus Network

In 2019, we will begin preparations to launch the new bus network. Work will include developing educational materials, creating new route brochures and making new bus stop signs among other things.

Phase 4


Roll Out the Bus Network

The proposed bus network would be rolled out August 30, 2020. We will have educational materials and street teams available to help people navigate and understand the new bus system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions the City has received about the proposed new bus routes and the bus network redesign project.

Are the new bus routes final?

The proposed bus routes being presented are final and subject to approval from City Council. They will be reviewed after one to two years to ensure they are working as intended and meeting customers' needs.

When will the proposed bus network launch?

The new bus network is scheduled to roll out August 30, 2020. Bus schedules and online trip planning will be available by summer 2020.

When will the new maps and bus route schedules be ready?

Maps and route schedules, as well as online trip planning, for the new bus routes will be available by summer 2020.

Can I still provide feedback about the new bus routes?

Public engagement for the Bus Network Redesign ended in December 2018. The What We Heard and Did Report, which summarizes public feedback, can be found on the public engagement page. Citizens who want to provide additional feedback may submit a Request to Speak before the Urban Planning Committee on November 19, 2019. The proposed bus network will be presented to City Council in November 2019, at which time you can request to speak to Council directly if you want to provide additional feedback.

I currently have direct bus service to work, school or shopping. Why do I need to transfer with the proposed new routes?

The proposed bus network is designed to move residents across the city more efficiently. Wait times are anticipated to be shorter when transferring into the frequent network.

How will the proposed bus network be better?

Almost every bus route is new, and routes will be straighter with less overlap. These changes will provide faster, more frequent and efficient service. Residents in inner area neighbourhoods can expect to see an increase in service throughout the day, while those in outer area neighbourhoods will see an increase in service during peak times for commuters.

What is alternative transit?

This bus network project is focused on improving the efficiency in current service areas, within the existing budget. Therefore, communities that do not have transit service today will not receive service as part of the proposed network changes.

The proposed network also recommends removing regular service from a few communities due to a number of factors, including the low number of transit users. We are exploring alternative transit options as part of the First Kilometre/Last Kilometre study. An initial report was presented to City Council in January 2019 and a more detailed plan about possible options will be presented to Council in November 2019. This report will be presented in conjunction with the Bus Network Redesign report. 

How were the new routes planned?

Routes were planned based on the principles in Edmontonians’ Transit Strategy, public feedback and historical data about transit use. Many routes were straightened and some duplicate routes were combined. This increase in efficiency means ETS can provide better service overall across the network through more frequent buses and expanded service on evenings and weekends.


In 2015, we started talking to Edmontonians about what they wanted in a transit system. A new approach was needed, based on a community conversation about the role of transit in our city. These conversations resulted in the development of the Transit Strategy.

We heard from more than 20,000 Edmontonians. We spoke with all sorts of people - motorists and transit riders, young children and seniors, suburbanites and urban dwellers, indigenous Edmontonians, people with disabilities, and many others.

What we heard from Edmontonians directly informed the development of the Transit Strategy and now the Bus Network Redesign. The elements of the Strategy - Values, Pillars, Guiding Principles, and Actions - guide how we deliver transit service and how we invest in transit over the next 10 years.

Council Decisions

July 11, 2017
  • Approved beginning work for the Bus Network Redesign project
  • Approved the Transit Strategy that reflects the priorities of Edmontonians and will modernize Edmonton’s transit system over the coming years
November 19, 2019
  • Coming soon

Project Updates

Stay informed on the latest project information.

For More Information

Bus Network Redesign Project


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

TTY 780-944-5555

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