This bridge will be replaced with a repurposed section of the Connors Road pedestrian bridge. Construction started in spring 2021 and will be complete in the fall.

Construction Update - September 2021

In early September, the truss of the bridge was lifted and put in place. The new pedestrian bridge was previously the pedestrian bridge over Connors Road. The bridge needed to be replaced due to the Valley Line South East LRT however it is still in good condition to be continue to be used and was a great fit for Blackmud Creek.

Work is ongoing in the area with creating the concrete deck panels, hand rails and approach ramps. The bridge is anticipated to be open by the end of October.

Project Update - August 2021

Demolition of the existing bridge was completed in March 2021 and the crossing is currently closed. The adjacent trails can still be used to access the valley.

Current work

  • Offsite work includes fabrication of precast concrete including abutments and deck panels
  • Offsite fabrication of steel components including deck joints, bearings and railings
  • Remobilization to site (August 2021)
  • Offsite fabrication of steel components including deck joints, bearings and railings

About the Project

The Blackmud Creek pedestrian bridge east of 111 Street is located in the Blackmud Creek Ravine. This bridge is an extension of Running Creek Road and is no longer used for vehicular traffic.

The pedestrian bridge was constructed in 1971 and was historically used as a vehicle bridge before it was repurposed as a pedestrian bridge in 1994. The existing bridge is a 30 metre long, three-span concrete deck bridge supported by a treated timber substructure. The bridge is reaching the end of its service life and a full replacement is required. 

Following the condition assessment, a preliminary design was completed in 2020. Construction started in spring 2021.