The City is improving and revitalizing 106 Street between 99 Avenue and 104 Avenue and 107 Street between 99 Avenue and Jasper Avenue.

What We Heard - March 2020

On March 11, 2020, a public event was held to share the draft concept plans with the public, provide project updates, and seek public and stakeholder feedback. For more information on the feedback from this engagement, review the What We Heard report.

What We Heard Report

About the Project

The City is improving downtown streets to support safe and comfortable movement for all modes of transportation. The 106 and 107 Streets Project supports a sustainable, vibrant and green community. It also includes improving and revitalizing 100 Avenue and 99 Avenue between 106 and 107 Streets.

Streetscaping is the process of designing an area for the use of all modes, including walking, cycling/e-scooters, public transit and vehicles. Items in a streetscape can include sidewalks, street lights, street furniture and functional spaces to define the character of an area. Streetscaping also includes adding more trees and plants to create a greener space in the corridor.

As part of the Capital City Downtown Plan, 106 Street and 107 Street were selected for green and walkable streetscaping as well as road rehabilitation of 107 Street, and multiple proposals for private residential developments along 106 Street.

This project will develop a vision and concept plan for the 106 and 107 Streets Streetscape.