Kinistinâw Park is currently an under-utilized open space located in the community of Boyle Street. As the centrepiece of The Quarters Downtown, Kinistinâw Park is envisioned as an inviting and safe urban park. The design of Kinistinâw Park reflects the past, present, and future stories of the community, encouraging everyday enjoyment and special opportunities for celebration and gathering. Integrated with the surrounding streets and properties, the park will be a dynamic and well-loved neighbourhood destination that is a source of local pride.

Kinistinâw Park Project

Construction on Phase 1 of the park was largely completed in 2020 with only a few small items left to finish, however the first phase is open for enjoyment.

The second phase of Kinistinâw Park completed its design in 2020 and early 2021. The project is currently wrapping up detailed design work with construction anticipated to start in summer 2021.

Kinistinâw is a Plains Cree word meaning “us three.” 

Park Project Details