Work to restore the historic Iron Works Building is underway.

Work is now underway to rehabilitate the historic Iron Works Building on 96 Street north of 104 Avenue. Before the start of this rehabilitation, the structure was secured and abatement work was conducted. Rehabilitation is necessary to prepare the building for future use. This historic industrial property was built in 1909 and is an important part of the area plan to renew The Quarters Downtown.

Project Overview

The rehabilitation of the Iron Works Building is a key part of the City’s vision for The Quarters Downtown. As part of the Boyle Renaissance Phase III plan, the building will be the heart of the new Iron Works Complex.

This project will require extensive work to upgrade structural foundations, replace mechanical and electrical systems, and general building repairs. Due to the scope of the work and the age of the building, it will be closed for approximately 2 years in order to follow historical conservation methods and best practices.

Iron Works Building Rehabilitation Phase 1 Scope

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