The Rossdale Trail Rehabilitation project was completed in June 2019. The trail is now open.

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Rossdale River Trail is located in the Rossdale neighbourhood, between Walterdale Bridge and 100 A Street and 94 Avenue NW, and between the North Saskatchewan River bank and EPCOR Water Treatment Building.

Project Timeline

Project Lifecycle - Operate

June 2019: Trail open after completion of rehabilitation work

October 2018: Trail reopened for public use following spot repair work

2013: Trail closed for Walterdale Bridge construction

Project Overview

Rossdale River Trail was identified as a priority for rehabilitation due to poor conditions and safety concerns. Minor repairs, in more extreme spots, were completed following completion of Walterdale Bridge construction. That temporary repair work made it possible for the trail to reopen to the public until May 2019 when the trail was closed until mid-June 2019 for rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation involved installation of eco counters (capturing both pedestrian and bicycle counts), additional patch repairs, crack filling, and trimming/pruning of the vegetation/weeds along both sides of the trail, from the east side of Walterdale Bridge along the river into the Rossdale neighbourhood.

Stay Informed

For updates on the status of all River Valley Trail restrictions, detours and closures, visit Trail Cautions and Closures.