The Grandview stairs are now complete. This project was completed on time and on budget.

Project Overview

The established stairs between Whitemud Park and Grandview Heights have exceeded their lifecycle and do not meet City standards. The stairs are heavily used with a total of 254 steps from top to bottom. This set of stairs is a very popular place for stair climbers and others who use them to access the River Valley Trail system and the Alfred Savage building. The new stair design will accommodate the existing set of side stairs leading to the east toward the toboggan hill. At the top of the stairs, there is a viewing area and platform that also requires upgrades and replacement.

Project Objectives

  • Replace stairs to meet current City standards
  • Rehabilitate existing lookout platform
  • Improve safety for users
  • Tie into the existing granular trail at top and bottom of stairs
  • Design stairs with the recommended maximum number of steps between landings, with no more than 2 flights without a change of direction. 
  • Achieve a stair alignment that considers water run-off and erosion within the proximity of the stairs as well as beneath the stairs.
  • Achieve a stair alignment which footprint is within 10 metres of the current stair’s footprint.

Project Timeline

operate phase

2020: Construction anticipated to last 16-20 weeks, weather dependent, starting in the summer

2019: Detailed design finalized, public information activities and completion of environmental impact assessment