Glengarry District Park is being renewed with a construction start date in September 2021.

Project Update - September 2021

Construction Update

Construction will begin in September. Work will start at the soccer field and the ball diamond on the east side of the park. This will be the focus for 2021.

Tree Removals

Tree removals in the south side of the park will begin in September. Removals are necessary to meet the required safety setbacks for the soccer fields and the ball diamond. 

Currently, the plan for construction is to allow the park to remain open and fence off areas where active construction is taking place. In the event that full park closure is required, the project team will add signage in and around the park to inform residents. Every effort will be made to limit the amount of time the park is fully closed while still prioritizing public safety. Construction will take place over two years (2021 and 2022). 

The following amenities will remain open and accessible throughout construction: 

  • Two soccer fields (including the field inside the running track)
  • Glengarry Arena 
  • Glengarry Child Care Society
  • Glengarry Community League

Residents living nearby may experience increased noise levels and traffic. We are continuing to abide by the Community Standards Bylaw 14600 for noise from construction, and in many cases, are able to complete the work earlier than the guidelines require.

The  construction map shows the scope of the project.

Fencing will remain in designated work areas to ensure public safety. Please watch your mailbox for construction bulletins that will provide more information along with contact details for any concerns regarding landscaping and access.

Project Timeline

build phase

Additional construction on other growth elements identified in the master/concept plan when funding becomes available.

Fall 2022
Construction complete

Spring/Summer 2021

Public engagement for preliminary design
What We Heard: Phase 1, Round 1
What We Heard: Growth Amenities

The master plan and concept design was finalized 

Funding allocated for preliminary design

Fall 2017
Setting the direction: Preferred concept option was shared for final feedback at an open house on November 7, 2017.

Event Materials:
Concept Plan
What We Heard

Winter/Spring 2017
Exploring options: Development of concept options with stakeholders and project team

What We Heard

Fall 2016
Sharing ideas: survey, open house and stakeholder meetings

Event Materials:
Display Boards

About the Project

Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods are great places to live and have many treasures including District Activity Parks. These parks serve several neighbourhoods in the larger area and are important for health, wellness and quality of life. They are part of a city-wide park system and support a wide variety of facilities, programs and open space activities.  

Glengarry Park, 13340 85 Street, is a District Activity Park located in the Glengarry neighbourhood. The City has completed a master plan to establish a long term vision for this park. It includes a concept plan which was created using input and ideas gathered through public engagement. This plan will be used to shape the park’s future, taking into consideration the interests expressed by the public, use of existing amenities, new amenities and activities, operational requirements and City strategy and policies.