Image of Jasper Avenue Streetscape

The City has developed a Streetscape Design Manual for Downtown and the Quarters Downtown  (19MB).  This document establishes a framework for how Downtown sidewalks should be designed and constructed and identifies street furnishings that complement their character.  It promotes walkable, attractive, safe, and universally accessible streets, while balancing aesthetic outcomes with maintenance and durability.  This was last updated in August 2021.

Streetscape Manual Reference Map

Click on a street segment to see the Street Type, Character Area, and any special design considerations. This map is provided for quick reference; for full information, please refer to the Streetscape Design Manual.

This manual builds upon approved plans and policies including The Capital City Downtown Plan, The Quarters Downtown Urban Design Plan, Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards, Main Streets Guideline, Winter City Design Guidelines, the Access Design Guide, and more. 

The manual includes:

  • A typology of streets in the downtown area based on their function in the roadway network and the planned adjacent land uses
  • Recommendations for how space is allocated within the sidewalk area for each type of street, including placement of furnishings, trees, and other streetscape elements
  • A defined set of streetscape elements (such as benches and tree grates) for each character area within Downtown and the Quarters