Norwood Boulevard Street View

Project goal

To recreate Norwood Boulevard into an innovative, vibrant and relevant streetscape that will strive to balance the needs of the community, commuters, businesses and visitors, and meet the Main Street Guidelines.

Project benefits

  • guide, co-ordinate and support investment along the corridor
  • cut across political boundaries
  • help in overcoming challenges to various stakeholders along the corridor affected by varying jurisdictional regulations; and
  • raise awareness of existing City economic development programs currently available to local businesses

Planning Considerations

The streetscape planning and transport considerations for this corridor study will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • zoning by-law/planning amendments/improvements
  • traffic and market analyses
  • traffic capacity requirements, lane configurations/potential road width changes
  • operational and safety improvements
  • evaluation of intersections and transit connections
  • creation of a pedestrian-oriented public realm that may include trees, site furnishings, and wider sidewalks
  • potential traffic calming and parking options
  • property/business access; and
  • potentially much more

Project decisions must align with City of Edmonton policies, bylaws and standards.

Final Studies

The following two assessments were completed by our consultants for the subject study area and they are as follows: