Draft Plan Overview

The City of Edmonton has received a draft plan (41MB) for a new neighbourhood structure plan, named Meltwater (formerly Northwest Decoteau).  This neighbourhood is located in southeast Edmonton, east of 50 Street and south of Ellerslie Road.

The Decoteau Area Structure Plan establishes the high level land use planning and policy framework that guides future neighbourhood development in the Decoteau area. The proposed Area Structure Plan (ASP) amendments bring the proposed Meltwater NSP into alignment with the existing intent of the ASP. The proposed Decoteau ASP will also update the text, statistics and maps. 

Neighbourhood Structure Plans (NSP) describe the general pattern of development for a new residential neighbourhood. The policies of the NSP guide the next stages of development, including zoning, subdivision, infrastructure design and construction.  

The proposed Meltwater NSP outlines:

  • Type and location of residential, commercial and other land uses
  • Estimated population densities
  • The location of major roads and utilities (water, storm and sanitary sewers)
  • Future park space and school sites
  • Preservation of natural areas
  • General staging pattern for development

The draft Meltwater Development Concept Map outlines the general area layout.

The draft Meltwater NSP Detailed Figures (17MB) include information about servicing.

The draft Meltwater Neighbourhood Statistics include population forecasts.

Meltwater's Unique Landscape

The Decoteau Area has the largest wetland complex within the City of Edmonton boundaries.

This network of wetlands and natural areas is an important ecological system and will be a recreational feature for southeast Edmonton.

The Decoteau Emerald Crescent Concept map shows the ecological and parks network in the Decoteau ASP area.