Questions and answers about volunteering opportunities at the City's attractions.

What is the process for becoming a volunteer?

There are two areas of volunteering with Recreation Facilities and Attractions: Special Events and Programming.

Special Event Volunteers: Once you sign up online for a single day special event, you will be invited to a Special Event Volunteer Orientation. At the orientation, we will share upcoming special events, review the City of Edmonton volunteer policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have. In the orientation invite email, we will inform you of any steps you must complete in the volunteer screening process. Once you have completed these steps and attended the orientation, you will be considered an Accepted Volunteer and will be able to sign up for all Special Event positions at any of our Attractions

Note: A minimum of 20 hours per year is required.

Programming Volunteers: Programming volunteer positions are more complex positions and therefore require more screening. Once you apply online, your application will be reviewed after the application deadline. If your application is successful, you will be invited to an interview where we will complete more screening. If you pass the interview, you will be offered a position and be required to attend training sessions based on your position. 

  1. Sign up for a volunteer position
  2. Receive an invitation to an interview
  3. Successfully pass your interview and reference checks
  4. Complete a Police Information Check/Submit two reference letters
  5. Attend your mandatory orientation and training sessions
  6. Begin your volunteer position

Note: Some programs only accept volunteer applications or only conduct interviews and training during certain times of the year. Due to the large number of applications we receive for some positions, applicants may be placed on a wait list. 

I signed up to be a Zoo Aide 6 months ago but I am not yet a Zoo Aide. Why?

This is a highly sought-after position. There are many people on the waiting list, which can be as long as 80 people. This tells us Edmontonians are passionate about animals! The selection process is completed three times a year and will fill any vacancies in specific shifts at that time.

Having previous experience working with and caring for animals is vital to being selected for an interview. Additionally, we will consider your motivation for volunteering and your availability. Our suggestion is to look for experience with animals elsewhere while you are on the waiting list and update your profile as you gain more experience. 


I want to have direct animal contact–should I become a Zoo Aide?

Being a Zoo Aide does not usually involve direct animal contact. It involves cleaning out enclosures, scooping of poop and the preparation of food, among other tasks. It might not be as glamorous as you think. We will go over the many reasons our volunteers do not have direct animal contact in the Zoo Aide Orientation. 

Why do I need to complete a Police Information Check in order to volunteer with the City of Edmonton?

The position description will tell you whether it is necessary to complete a Police Information Check. This is part of our screening process and helps us ensure that the right people are working with the public, other volunteers and staff.  If you are 13-17 years of age, you will only be required to submit two reference letters from non-family members.

Please see our Information on Volunteer Screening Practices for more information.

If I volunteer with Special Events first, will this give me a greater chance of receiving a volunteer position with programming?

Programming staff  like to see that their volunteers have taken an active interest in their facility. Volunteering as a special events assistant at a facility doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a programming position but it does help staff get to know more about you, your interests and your capacities. We encourage programming volunteers to help out with Special Events and we encourage our Special Events volunteers to seek more responsibilities and apply for Programming positions.

I forgot my username and password! How do I recover them?

Please visit your volunteer profile and select 'reset password'. Or, you can email Volunteer Services at and we can reset your password and remind you of your username through email.

Do I need to log my volunteer hours?

Yes. Please log them on your volunteer account. If you fail to log your hours, you may not be recognized for the work you have done.

How do I get my group involved in volunteering for the City of Edmonton?

Please contact Volunteer Services to discuss whether or not we have a suitable volunteer opportunity for your group.

My child wants to volunteer. What are the age requirements?

The City of Edmonton recruits youth 13 years of age and older. The age requirements are listed in each position's description. If your child is under 13 years old, we do have many positions that are suitable for families. You and your child can volunteer together.

Am I required to do a minimum number of volunteer hours?

Special events volunteers are required to do a minimum of 20 hours per year. This works out to 4 or 5 events per year.

As a programming volunteer, your hours will vary depending on the program. The minimum requirement will be greater than 20 hours.