What's this bug? Before you squish, swat or spray, have your bug identified to see if it's really a pest.

About the Service

We offer Edmontonians a year-round insect identification service and provide pest control advice as needed.

Insect Identification & Advice

How Do I Obtain the Service?

You can bring specimens directly to our office (8am-4pm, Monday-Friday) or send them by mail. Images can be sent to treebugs@edmonton.ca.  Close-up photos of specimens that are properly focused are much more likely to be identified.

To prevent damage, specimens mailed to us should be wrapped in a protective material (e.g., tissue paper) and sealed in a rigid container (e.g., clean plastic pill bottle) before being placed in the envelope. Include a brief explanatory note with your name and contact information.


Email treebugs@edmonton.ca
Fax Fax: 780-496-4978
In Person

Westwood Central Service Yard
12304 107 Street NW
8am-4pm, Monday-Friday


Pest Management
12304-107 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2S7


This is a free City service available to all residents.