Commonwealth Area Residents: To obtain a parking permit, please apply online, below. For additional assistance with your application, please call 311 or email us at

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This permit allows residents within a Residential Parking Program area; a neighbourhood with signs along the streets stating "Except Residents With Valid Permit," to park their vehicles on the street.

About the Service

The Residential Parking Program ensures parking is available for residents in areas with high on-street parking demands, like a neighbourhood near a large sports facility or educational institution.

This permit must be displayed on the vehicle's front windshield (driver's side bottom) and must be visible from outside the vehicle. A renewal letter and annual permit is sent out each year. 

Conditions and Exceptions

Permits are available to residents of single family homes and multi-family buildings under 4 storeys in height within the program area.

If you have a vehicle that is over 4500kg, it cannot be legally parked in any residential area, with or without a permit. Overweight vehicles may be tagged and towed.


Valid vehicle registration(s) will be required for new applications. Updated copies will also be required upon each renewal.

If your registration does not match the address for the permit, a Temporary Residential Parking Permit may be required in the interim.

Temporary residents or applicants using a vehicle registered to an individual other than the applicant will only qualify for a Temporary Residential Parking Permit.

Vehicles registered to a post office box or a business are not eligible.

Passes are non-transferable.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

A Residential Parking Permit & Visitor Pass application must be completed and submitted, each time an annual parking permit is requested. Annual residential parking permits can be renewed online.

Apply     Renew

The following are required for an annual parking permit:

  • Valid Vehicle Registration (for each vehicle being applied for)
  • Completed Application Form
    • No third party applications will be accepted. Use the online web form available below, or mail the signed renewal letter to
      Attention: Parking Permits, 2nd floor Edmonton Tower, 10111 104 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5J 0J4

Renewal Period Changes

Renewal letters will be sent via mail at the end of August, 2021 for 2021/2022 permits.

The renewal cycle takes place over 3 months: September, October and November. The following chart indicates which month residents are to complete their renewal request. Please ensure valid copies of the vehicle registrations are included with your renewal and that vehicle registrations match the address for which you are applying.

Your Neighbourhood Your New Renewal period
University Area: Garneau, McKernan, Belgravia, Windsor Park, South Belgravia and Parkallen September 1-30, 2021
Royal Gardens, Glengarry Mini, NAIT, and Commonwealth Stadium October 1-31, 2021
Rossdale, Inglewood, Groat Estates, Northlands, Belvedere, Central MacDougall, Malmo (Southgate), Century Park November 1-30, 2021



There is no cost for residential parking permits.

Contact the City About This Service

In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311