Mayor's Awards

The Mayor's Awards recognizes those who make significant contributions to Edmonton's livability for all, and shines a spot light on innovations in accessibility.

6 award categories - Employers, Ewen Nelson Award for Self-Advocacy, Youth, Restaurant and Bars, Outstanding Service and Accessible Homes and Buildings - recognize individuals, organizations and businesses in Edmonton who use creative methods to ensure the dignity and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

New Award Program Coming In 2020

The annual awards program -Mayor's Awards- is being transformed! During this transition period we’re unable to accept any nominations.

The new Awards of Excellence will recognize individuals and organizations that together create a city that improves the liveability for all.  Categories will include accessibility, arts, greening our city and others to reflect areas of excitement and growth in Edmonton — important categories that have been collected from conversations with citizens.

Edmontonians see their efforts and ideals reflected back to them in a city that was built to connect.  We plant ideas. We grow business. We get stuff done here.

We anticipate that by spring/summer 2020, information will be available regarding the new program and categories, and nominations can be submitted.

We look forward to recognizing Edmontonians who are building our city!