Public Engagement Spectrum

The Public Engagement Spectrum explains the 4 roles the public can have when they participate in City of Edmonton public engagement activities. As you move within the spectrum, there is an increasing level of public influence and commitment from the City and the public.

Advise: The public is consulted by the City to share feedback and perspectives that are considered for policies, programs, projects, or services.

Refine: The public is involved by the City to adapt and adjust approaches to policies, programs, projects, or services.

Create: The public collaborates with the City to develop and build solutions regarding policies, programs, projects, or services. This can include community initiated engagement.

Decide: The public is empowered to make decisions directly or on behalf of the City about policies, programs, projects, or services.

Vision for Public Engagement

A City where we are connected, invested, and proud to participate in shaping our community.

Definition of Public Engagement

Public Engagement creates opportunities for people to contribute to decision making by City Council and Administration about the City’s policies, programs, projects, and services, and communicates how public input is collected and used.

This definition emphasizes that Public Engagement is part of a decision-making process.

Public Engagement Process

Public engagement at the City of Edmonton follows a 6 step process. 

  1. Identification
  2. Strategy
  3. Planning and Design
  4. Implementation and Data Collection
  5. Analysis and Reporting
  6. Evaluation

The size and scope of each step is scaled to the size and scope of the project or initiative.