Come and engage, Edmonton!

The City of Edmonton is planning its first large-scale in-person engagement event in two years!

You’re invited to chat in person with City staff members on city-building projects from the Urban Planning and Economy branch:

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022
Time: 11am-5pm
Place: Londonderry Mall-Entrance 2, near BMO and Tip Top Tailors
Note: Some projects may not be in attendance for the full day. Please check individual project web pages.

We welcome your comments and feedback on these five projects:

District Planning

District Planning is a multi-year project to build The City Plan’s “community of communities”—small towns in our big city, where people can meet many of their daily needs within 15 minutes from where they live. The City is looking for public input on the draft District General Policy and 15 district plans until October 15.

Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative

The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative is a multi-year comprehensive overhaul of Edmonton’s current Zoning Bylaw that includes rethinking how, what and why the City regulates in terms of zoning and land development.

Mass Transit for 1.25 Million People

This project aims to build off of Edmonton's LRT network and extend the mass transit network to more areas of the City by way of bus mass transit. The implementation of the mass transit network is an important part of Edmonton's journey to achieve its goals for mode shift (50% of all trips being made by active mobility and transit) and energy transition.

River Valley Planning Modernization

Through the River Valley Planning Modernization project, we are planning for the future of Edmonton’s River Valley. We’re renewing 2 plans: 

  • The Ribbon of Green, which provides long-term planning guidance for the protection, access and enjoyment of the River Valley; and
  • The North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan, which provides land use planning direction, as well as the processes and tools we use to evaluate and regulate proposed development in the River Valley and Ravine System

National Urban Park Initiative

Edmonton is one of several cities across Canada in discussion with Parks Canada about the potential for establishing a National Urban Park in our city/region. The decision about whether a National Urban Park is established in Edmonton will be made by City Council in partnership with Parks Canada and Indigenous partners, using feedback provided by the public and stakeholders.