Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard is a species native to Europe and Asia originally introduced to North America as a medicinal and culinary herb. Garlic Mustard is very invasive to our environment and can be destructive to native biodiversity and habitat.

Impacts of Garlic Mustard

Infestation can lead to reduced native vegetation including woodland orchids such as yellow lady slippers. It causes negative long term effects in soil and reduces available plants for wildlife such as deer, birds and insects. Therefore, it is listed as a prohibited noxious weed in the Alberta Weed Control Act.

Volunteer Weed Pulls

Garlic Mustard has only been found in two locations in Edmonton’s natural areas. Your help is needed to prevent its spread and protect our parks. We held two events in Mill Creek Ravine in 2019.

Thank you for all the enthusiastic volunteers who came out to the Garlic Mustard pulls. The events would not have been so successful without all your help. We hope to see you in future weed pull events!