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Site Information

Address: 6210 Terrace Road NW  

Number of Storeys: 5

Zoning: RA8 (medium-rise apartment zone) 

Operator: To be selected by Homeward Trust through a competitive process    

Doors Open: Late 2021    

Site Activity

Update - July 2021

Construction on main floor columns, elevator and stair cores, and second-floor structural slabs will take place in July and August. Work is progressing as per the current project schedule with completion by the end of 2021.

Previous Updates

Tree removal, site excavation, compaction, backfill,  pile installation, and foundation work are complete. 

This project adheres to the Corporate Tree Management Policy that ensures growth, sustainability, acquisition, stewardship, maintenance, protection and preservation of Edmonton's Urban Forest. New trees and planting will be a part of future landscaping plans.  

Design Update

Homeward Trust and the City are pleased to share the final design renderings for Edmonton’s new supportive housing developments. The buildings were designed by GEC Architecture, one of Edmonton’s leading design firms. Learn more about the design process

Site Visuals