The City of Edmonton has been collecting and recycling Christmas trees set out for curbside collection and at recycling depots since 1990. 

7,082 trees were collected in January 2021 for composting.

Tree Collection

Curbside collection of natural Christmas trees starts on January 10, 2022. Residents are asked to place their un-bagged tree on its side next to their waste collection area by 7am on Monday January 10. Trees may be picked up as late as January 24 (weather dependent) and not necessarily on residents’ regularly scheduled collection days. Please ensure the tree remains clear of snow and ice for ease of pick up.

For Christmas trees to be acceptable for composting, all ornaments, tinsel, garlands, nails, screws and tree stands must be removed. Large trees should be cut into two-metre (6.5 foot) lengths.

Apartment and Condo Residents

Apartment and condo residents can drop off their natural Christmas tree for free at a Recycling Depot from Monday December 27, 2021 until Monday January 24, 2022 or an Eco Station anytime during the year.

Christmas trees should not be placed in or beside apartment recycling or waste bins.

Artificial Trees

When getting rid of your artificial tree, consider donating to a local charity or second-hand store.

Depending on the size, artificial trees can be placed in the black carts as long as the lid can still fully close, and they aren't compacted and will still slide out easily when collected. If your tree cannot be donated and does not fit in your black cart, please take it to an Eco Station for disposal.