Program Update 

The City’s 2021 Edmonton Economic Incentive Construction Grant incentivizes and stimulates high-impact private construction projects in the Centre City area that begin construction before March 31, 2022.

At the close of the application period, 13 applications were received for the construction grant, with 10 proceeding. The program helped to accelerate local economic recovery by ensuring these stalled shovel-ready projects moved to actual construction, while contributing much needed housing investment in the core. Collectively, the 10 successful applications represent the addition of 2,341 new residential units and approximately 4,050 jobs *.

* - Calculation includes direct, indirect and induced jobs impact. Data source: Statistics Canada Table 36-10-0113-01.

Thank you for your interest in the Private Construction Projects - Economic Incentive Grant.
Please note that the application submission deadline for the 2021 Private Construction Grants has passed.
As such, the City is no longer accepting applications.