Our Brownfield Redevelopment Grant has won the following awards:

  • Canadian Urban Institute’s Brownie Award for Reinvestment (2015)
  • Minister’s Award for Municipal Excellence for Larger Municipalities (2015)
  • FCM Sustainable Communities Award for Brownfields Plan (2016)

All three awards look at sustainability, relevance and transferability of the program.

Brownfield Redevelopment Grant

The revised Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Program originally launched in March 2011.

Along with your application, please review the Green Building Checklist and provide a copy of the Phase III Cost Submission.

Read the Environmental Site Assessment Guidebook for more information.

Financial Audit

Successful applicants will need to undergo a financial audit. To help you this process, please:

About Brownfields

Brownfields are abandoned, idle or underutilized commercial or industrial properties where past actions have caused or may have caused environmental contamination, but where there is a potential for redevelopment. Brownfields constitute a subset of contaminated sites.

The Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Program promotes redevelopment of qualified brownfield properties by helping cover some of the testing and remediation costs.