As a result of a review of the Community Investment Grant program, the Community Investment Hosting Grant will no longer be available.

Community Investment Hosting Grants support organizations with the hosting of provincial, national or international recreational, amateur sport, or multicultural events within Edmonton.

Application Deadlines

The Community Investment Hosting Grant is a post event grant which accepts applications throughout the year.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Organizations Must Be

Not-for-profit societies registered for at least 1 year

Amateur Sport or Competitive Recreational Events Must
  • Be endorsed or sanctioned by the appropriate provincial, western Canadian, national, or international body
  • Determine the champion for the respective level of competition
  • Not be restricted to members of certain groups or clubs
Multicultural Events Must
  • Be of provincial, Western Canadian, National, or International scope and significance
  • Mainly focus on promoting relations among individuals and groups in which ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic similarities and differences are valued, respected, and exchanged
  • Not be restricted to members of certain groups or clubs 
Grants Will Not Be Available For
  • Banquets or similar types of events
  • Conferences, symposia
  • Education institutions or their affiliates
  • Events for which the primary purpose is to make a profit

Applications will only be accepted after the event and can be submitted up to 7 months after the final date of the event.

Applicants may receive a grant of up to 25% of eligible expenses for the event. Eligible expenses include:

  • Facility and/or equipment rentals
  • Adjudication fees
  • Printing
  • Recognition awards
  • Publicity
  • Participant transportation within the City provided by the hosting organization

The grant amount is determined by the level of the event and number of days it is being held. The maximum is as follows:

  • Provincial - up to $3,000
  • Western Canadian - up to $3,500
  • National - up to $4,000
  • International - up to $5,000

Evaluation of an application also considers:

  • The extent, relative to the scope of the event, to which the event involves and attracts Edmontonians and people from outside Edmonton, and has volunteer support
  • The extent to which the event brings provincial, national or international recognition to Edmonton

Applications will be reviewed by the City of Edmonton’s Community Services Advisory Board based on the General Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines of  Policy C211H. Applicants will be informed of their application’s success by email.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted using the online application.

The following documents must be attached to your online application:

  • Signed Financial Budget Form
  • Proof of annual filing to Alberta Corporate Registries or annual return date stamped by Alberta Corporate Registries
  • Amendments to bylaws as filed with Alberta Corporate Registries (if applicable)
  •  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form if your organization hasn't been set up, or you need to update your organization’s contact information with the City

If you're a first time applicant please also attach:

  • Bylaws and amendments to bylaws as filed with Alberta Corporate Registries
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation and any other registration verification documents such as name changes

For Competitive Recreation/Amateur Sport applications only, please attach:

A signed letter of endorsement from the appropriate governing body acknowledging the Applicant has been awarded the right to host the event.

For Multicultural applications only, please attach:

A description/explanation of the multicultural nature and Provincial/Western Canadian/National/International scope of the event.