Provides funds and support for eligible organizations in planning their project to develop concepts and business case for the design and build phases

Deadline for grant applications is Wednesday March 25, 2020. Available funding in 2020 is limited.

Thorough planning will allow applicants to have a more detailed understanding of the requirements for the later phases for their proposed facility.


The Planning Grant will support work up to the end of concept phase and no further at up to 50% of eligible costs.

For projects on City land only: if Post-concept phase drawings or other documents are required to obtain City approval to proceed after Concept Phase, these may be included as part of a planning grant request but will only be funded at 33% of the eligible cost. You must provide proof that the post-concept phase documents have been required for these costs to be included as part of a planning grant request. 

See Community Group Led Construction Projects Guide and Templates for definitions, detailed information about phases and expectations and templates that must be used for the mandatory documents.

Contact the Grants Office to be assigned a City Liaison if you do not currently have one.

Application Deadline

Complete and submit the online application with all required documents attached by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.