Smart, flexible design is the hallmark of every Home for Life™.  Spacious floor plans and built-in safety features mean that whether you live with someone who is three or eighty-three, your home will meet your needs. A Home for Life™ is also a warm and welcoming place for your family and friends to visit regardless of their age or ability.     

A Wise Investment

By 2020 nearly 15% of Albertans will be age 65 or older. The demand for homes that meet the needs of our aging population will soon exceed the supply. A Home for Life™ is designed for people of all ages and abilities. That translates into a bigger market for your home should you decide to sell. Choose to build a Home for Life™ and know that you are making a sound investment in the future for yourself and your loved ones.  

Stress-Free Living

Most of us want to grow old at home. Sadly, few of us own homes that will allow us to do that. A Home for Life™ has built-in features that allow your home to be modified easily and economically so that people of all ages and abilities can live there independently. Moving is stressful and costly, so why not avoid the trouble by investing in a home that will meet your needs for a lifetime?

 Single Level or Multi-Level - The Choice is Yours

It is easiest to incorporate Home for Life™ features into a bungalow or two-story home. Whichever style suits your families needs you can feel free to build. Bi-level or split level homes are more difficult because of the number of stairways they contain and are not recommended floor plan styles for simple accommodation of a Home for Life™ design.  

To begin building your Home for Life™ review the features described below. Building these features into the plans for your new home will help you avoid costly renovations down the road.   

Ideally, all seven Home for Life™ Essentials will be included on the main floor, eliminating the need to climb stairs to reach a bedroom, bathroom, or laundry area. If this is not possible, then please see the note below regarding stairs.