Valeen Wright (nee Muldoon)
Neighbourhood: Rossdale
School: Donald Ross
Year: 1958/59
Teacher: Mrs. Irwin


My teacher Mrs. Irwin handed out our trees and I remember that it was a good sized tree, in a container probably 4”x4”. After we planted it in our backyard in Rossdale, I would pick the long grass around it, to keep it looking nice.

One year the squirrels gathered all of the cones from my tree and filled the playhouse beside it full of cones.  It took my mom quite awhile to get all of the cones and seeds out of the playhouse.

Years later my brother in-law brought a cut Christmas tree from the farm and placed it by my tree. When it was time to take his tree into the house he tried to pick up my tree instead, we all had a laugh and it gave him quite a surprise when my tree didn’t move.

My sisters and brother each had a grade one tree, but mine is the only one that is still standing. Mom’s house is now gone but my tree still stands – it must be because I took such good care of it. 

Valeen Wright with her grade 1 Arbor Day tree