Deanna Mietzner (nee Steiner)
Neighbourhood: Duggan
School: D.S Mackenzie/Duggan
Year: 1970/71


My tree was a sad looking little sapling. I doubted it would live. It survived overwatering, croquet mallets, close calls with the lawnmower and Direct Energy meter renovations. A few times we debated removing it, but decided to keep it for shade on the south side of the house! It's a permanent fixture now -  way too big!!

It has housed a family of robins - eggs in the nest nestled in the lower branches could be seen from my bedroom window. Watched the parents clean the nest and eventually shoo the young ones out. Eventually it was large enough to shelter from the wind so my cousin (in a wheelchair) could visit in the back yard as access to the house with his chair was not ideal.

Deanna Mietzner with her grade 1 Arobor Day tree