The Community Mental Health Action Plan is a vital partnership consisting of diverse stakeholders and experts from community and government who are passionately invested in creating positive changes within the shared mental health system. More than 50 partners are working to help all organizations involved in mental health and addiction in Edmonton and area maximize collective resources, leverage opportunities to respond to existing gaps in service, and foster innovative approaches to integrate supports and services. 

Mission: To facilitate stakeholder created, collaborative solutions to mental health system challenges.

The Action Plan, which was launched in 2016 and runs through to 2020, highlights what can be done at the community level when stakeholders work together in 3 main areas: 

  • Service Delivery
  • System Integration
  • Evidence Foundation

 Only through collaboration can we improve access to mental health and addiction services. The City of Edmonton is a proud member, and sponsor, of this collective effort. 

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Community Mental Health Action Plan

Edmonton and Area October 2016