Our Vision

Edmonton is a welcoming city where young Edmontonians thrive in a safe, accessible, well designed community. Edmonton's children and youth are listened to, treated with respect and valued for their individual contributions. Families are defined in broad terms, so that children and youth, and their parents and guardians are welcomed and included.

Our Values

We strive to ensure Edmonton is a place where children and youth:

  • Have a voice and an influence on their city
  • Are protected from violence and abuse
  • Feel safe
  • Join in and participate freely
  • Play and have fun
  • Create friendships and form relationships
  • Feel welcome and have a sense of belonging
  • Have opportunity and choice for lifelong learning and building skills
  • Feel respected
  • Understand responsibility to themselves and to others

Our Goals


Children’s voices are actively pursued, heard and incorporated into programs, services and planning that impacts them.

Accessible Spaces

There is a diversity of welcoming and accessible permanent spaces and infrastructure for children and their families/caregivers throughout all areas of Edmonton for use in all seasons.

Inclusive City

Creating opportunities for removal of barriers to programs and services as well as temporary spaces during all four seasons.  

Downtown Edmonton Demonstration Project

Creating opportunities and addressing barriers to make Downtown Edmonton more child friendly.