City Hall School Teacher - Secondment Opportunity

If you are a teacher currently employed by either Edmonton Public School Board, Edmonton Catholic Schools or Conseil Scolaire Centre Nord, this is an opportunity that may be for you! The City of Edmonton is looking for an experienced teacher to take on the City Hall School program starting in September 2022.

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In person City Hall School will resume when restrictions have been lifted.

City Hall School is an Inquiring Minds Site. It provides a week long, inquiry based, hands on learning experience for Grade 1 to 12.

Week Long Learning

They will learn that this landmark building is not just the home of civic leadership but also a gathering place for the community. The vibrant downtown core provides endless possibilities for connecting students to their city, curriculum and career pathways.

As the week progresses students, teachers and parent volunteers come away with an increased sense of civic pride and a richer understanding of the services that the City provides to meet the needs of Edmontonians.

Year Long Learning

The week is a catalyst for a year-long connection with City Hall. Students receive their City Hall School journals and Key to the City in September and start making connections through the theme the teacher has developed for the class.

Citizenship Fair

The annual Citizenship Fair in June allows students to showcase and celebrate their year.