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What does sustainability really mean?

Sustainability is different for all of us, which makes it a challenge to talk about. That's why we wanted to hear from you.
Thanks to everyone who participated in SustainYEG! The information we gathered will help us develop messages and materials about sustainability that resonate with citizens.
Here are some of the questions that we asked, along with some great responses.
What does sustainability mean to you?

“Sustainability means that something can continue or last for an indefinite amount of time. It usually includes a balance of environment, social, and economic items that work together.”

“A way of living that supports a diverse, productive, and just environment, both now and in the future.”

“A way of living that gives back as much as it uses.”

What personal environmental actions do you practise regularly?

  • Alternate modes of transportation (bus, LRT, walk, cycle)
  • Many actions around a more sustainable home (efficient lighting, composting, recycling, home garden, solar panels, rain barrels)
  • Supporting local business
What issues will be important to Edmonton in 30 years?
  • The outward spread of the city
  • Homes and buildings are designed for energy efficiency
  • Walkable city/more cycling and walking
Do you have any ideas that may help Edmonton become a sustainable city?

“Different receptacles for compost, recycling, and waste at all garbage cans around the city.”

“Vertical veggie farms on high rises and solar panels on the tops of buildings downtown.”

“Make Whyte Avenue pedestrian-only between 102 and 106 Street.”

“Make Edmonton a leader in being a Tree City. Plant more and diverse fruit trees and bushes throughout the city, orchards with designated fruit trees. Have events to celebrate when the designated fruit trees are ready to be harvested.”

“Add a free zone for the LRT in the downtown core to encourage use.”

“Make installation of solar panels mandatory for new home construction.”

“Bike lanes separated from other traffic with a curb would help to increase ridership and demonstrate that cycling is a safe and healthy mode of transportation in the city.”