Is my personal information being shared on the Recents portal to the public?

No, none of your personal information is being shared publicly. You will see your information for requests you submitted in My Requests on your device only. 

What does the Edmonton 311 App cost?

The 311 app is free to download and use. Please see the Terms of Service. 

What happens once I submit a report?

Your app will show a submitted message.

Your service request will be directed to the responsible City area. That department follows up on each report and will determine corrective action based on severity, location and other factors.

Does reporting with the Edmonton 311 App make my request a priority?

Reporting through the Edmonton 311 App is another way to contact 311.  Your request receives the same priority whether it is phoned in, reported online or through the mobile app. Response time may vary based on severity, location, weather, workload and other factors.

What does "reporter" mean on the Edmonton 311 mobile app?

The reporter is where you can enter your contact information. Entering your contact information will save you time and effort when making future requests. You only have to enter your name, phone number and email address once on each device. When you submit future service requests on the same device your personal contact information will be automatically added to your request. 

If you wish to share your service request so the public can see the issue you reported, your personal contact information will not be shared or displayed. 

Why do I have to include my personal information? Why can’t I submit it anonymously?

We require your personal information to contact you if follow-up is required. The City of Edmonton adheres to FOIP legislation. Please refer to the Terms of Service for the Edmonton 311 mobile app for more detail. 

Do I need to enable "Location Service" or GPS when using the Edmonton 311 mobile app?

If you wish to report a concern from your current location, your ‘Location Service’ or GPS needs to be enabled on your Apple or Android device. This will allow our Edmonton 311 mobile app to detect and auto populate the location of your request. 

If you wish to report a concern at a different location than your current one simply click on the location field and drag the pin to the location of the concern. 

How do I enable “Location Services” or GPS on my smartphone?


  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Privacy’
  • Choose ‘Location Services’
  • Scroll down to Edmonton 311 app and change the settings to ‘On’ 


  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Select 'More'
  • Choose 'Location Services'
  • Check the 'Access to my location' check box
What does the "Share" button mean? Who am I sharing with?

Sharing your request allows other website or app users to see that the request has already been reported. Other users can see a list, map or photos of the last 100 service requests submitted. If you enable sharing, your contact information will not be shared with other users, only the information relevant to the service request.

Default setting is set to enable sharing.

For Apple devices, slide "share with public" button to "off" if you do not wish to share the information from your service request. For Android devices, uncheck the "share with public" check box.

Which phones are able to use the Edmonton 311 mobile app?

If you have an iPhone or Android-based phone with a compatible operating system, you can use the 311 mobile app. 

Where do I see the status of my report?

Check the My Reports section of the Edmonton 311 App. Note that report status is only shown for reports received after December 18, 2014.

What does closed status mean?

Closed means the appropriate City area has investigated your concern and has taken the necessary action to resolve your request. Please call 311 if further information is required.

What does open status mean?

Your service request has been received and assigned to the appropriate City area for review and action. Response times can be dependent on several factors including weather conditions, availability of resources and assessed priority of the work required. 

How come the status of my report has stayed open a long time?

The department that follows up on each report determines corrective action based on severity, location, and other factors and then schedules the repair. Sometimes many small repairs may be completed in one action. 

Is there a way to see more than the 100 most recent reports?

Not from the Edmonton 311 App. However, you can see all the reports from public property since January 1, 2014 by viewing the 311 Explorer.