You can check the status of your service request and monitor updates along the way.

This is part of the Open City initiative which guides the development of innovative solutions to connect Edmontonians to information, programs, services and engagement opportunities. Please note that protection of  privacy legislation restricts the release of some information. 

The "Check Your Status" tool issue has been resolved.

Check Your Status

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of service requests can I check?

All request types can be viewed using this tool.  Enter your reference number to see details such as status.

What does open status mean?

Your service request has been received and assigned to the appropriate City area for review and action. Response times can be dependent on several factors including weather conditions, availability of resources and assessed priority of the work required. 

What does closed status mean?

Closed means the appropriate City area has investigated your concern and has taken the necessary action to resolve your request. Please call 311 if further information is required. 

My request shows a Status Detail, what does this mean?

The status detail provides further detail as to what has occurred with your request, or what stage it is at in the process.  If it is closed and you are not satisfied with the resolve, contact 311 for further information.

How come the status of my request has been open a long time?

The department that follows up on each report determines corrective action based on severity, location, and other factors and then schedules the repair. Sometimes many small repairs may be completed in one action. Some requests also require lengthy investigations prior to resolving the concern.