Safe Person, Safe Place

There are “everyday heroes” in our community who are trained to help people when needed. These are safe people – safe uniforms.

It is safe to ask a police officer, firefighter, or any uniformed member of EMS or Edmonton Transit (including bus and LRT operators, Transit Peace Officers and Inspectors) for help. Any of these uniformed safe persons in identifiable vehicles may respond to an incident on transit property, depending on the situation and type of help needed.

Safe Places

Buses, LRTs, stations and transit centres are places you can go to in order to call or ask for help.

If a uniformed transit employee is not around, look for an emergency blue phone, located in all LRT stations, in major bus terminals, and in some city pedways. If someone needs help, they can use an emergency blue phone without worrying they will get in trouble. When in doubt, press for help.

The caller is connected with a live person who can call for the appropriate emergency services.

All ETS buses, LRT vehicles, Inspector vehicles, and Transit Peace Officer vehicles are equipped with two-way radios, so emergency assistance is only a call away.


We want everyone to feel safe every time they board a bus or train.