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The City of Edmonton has over 200 Plans and land use studies that help guide development in our neighbourhoods and industrial areas, as shown on the Plans in Effect Map (2018).

Abbreviations are used to reference the plans:

  • ASP: Area Structure Plan
  • NASP: Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan
  • NSP: Neighbourhood Structure Plan
  • ARP: Area Redevelopment Plan
  • SCDB: Servicing Concept Design Brief
  • OP: Outline Plan

For further information regarding these types of Plans, refer to Plan Amendments.

The documents fall into two categories of information:

Office Consolidation Plans
The Office Consolidation Plans incorporate the original Plan, as approved by City Council, and all subsequent amendments. These plans are intended for convenience only. In case of uncertainty, the reader is advised to consult the original Bylaws, available at the Office of the City Clerk.

Related Planning Documents
The Related Planning Documents provide additional information and guidelines for development in portions of the city.

The following Office Consolidation Plans are not legal Bylaws, and are intended for convenience only. Although all reasonable attempts were made in the production of these consolidations to accurately reflect the original bylaws, and Council policy and intent as contained in any subsequent amendments, the City of Edmonton does not assume responsibility or accept any liability arising from any use of the information presented. In case of uncertainty, the reader is advised to consult the original bylaws, available at the Office of the City Clerk.

The consolidations range in size from 500KB to 22MB and may take several minutes to download. To help keep the file size at a minimum, the maps provided in the consolidations may not be of the highest quality. To obtain a quality print document or map please contact Sustainable Development at 780-496-6165.

While it is the intent of the City to provide up-to-date information, that is not always possible. The reader is advised to check the consolidation date provided on the cover/title page of the document, along with the list of all bylaws incorporated in the consolidation. To confirm that the information you have accessed is the most current version, or for further information, contact the Neighbourhood Planner.

Office Consolidation Plans

104 Avenue Corridor ARP

109 Street Corridor ARP Consolidation

Abbottsfield Rundle Heights Community Development Plan

Albany NSP Consolidation

Alberta Avenue Eastwood ARP Consolidation

Aldergrove NSP Consolidation

Allard NASP Consolidation

Ambleside NSP Consolidation

Aster NSP Consolidation

Aurum Industrial ASP Consolidation

Belle Rive NSP Consolidation

Belmead NSP Consolidation

Belvedere Station ARP Consolidation

Big Lake ASP Consolidation

Blackburne NASP Consolidation

Blackmud Creek NASP Consolidation

Bonaventure OP Consolidation

Boyle Street McCauley ARP Consolidation

Breckenridge Greens NSP Consolidation

Brintnell NSP Consolidation

Bulyea Heights NSP Consolidation

Burnewood NASP Consolidation

Calder NIP Consolidation

Calgary Trail Land Use Study Consolidation

Callaghan NASP Consolidation

Cameron Heights NASP Consolidation

Canossa NSP Consolidation

Capital City Downtown ARP

Carlton NSP Consolidation

Carter Crest NSP Consolidation

Cashman NASP Consolidation

Casselman Steele-Heights Outline Plan Consolidation

Castle Downs Extension ASP Consolidation

Castle Downs OP Consolidation

Castle Downs OP (Baranow Area) Consolidation

Cavanagh NASP Consolidation

Central McDougall - Queen Mary Park ARP Consolidation

Chambery NSP Consolidation

Chappelle NASP Consolidation

Charlesworth NSP Consolidation

City Centre ARP Consolidation

Clareview OP Consolidation

Clareview Town Centre NASP Consolidation

Cloverdale ARP Consolidation

CN Intermodal Facility and Area ARP Consolidation

Coliseum Station ARP Consolidation

Cromdale/Virginia Park ARP Consolidation

Crossroads ASP

Crystallina Nera East NSP Consolidation

Crystallina Nera West NSP Consolidation

Cumberland NSP Consolidation

Cy Becker NSP Consolidation

Dechene NSP Consolidation

Decoteau ASP Consolidation

Decoteau North NSP Consolidation

Desrochers NASP Consolidation

Donsdale NSP Consolidation

Duggan NASP Consolidation

Dunvegan ASP Consolidation

Eaux Claires NSP Consolidation

Ebbers NASP Consolidation

Edgemont NASP Consolidation

Edmonton Energy and Technology Park ASP Consolidation

Edmonton North ASP Consolidation

Ellerslie ASP Consolidation

Ellerslie NSP Consolidation

Elsinore NSP Consolidation

Falconer Heights NASP Consolidation

Fort Road Old Town Master Plan

Fort Road Old Town Master Plan Implementation Report

Fraser NASP Consolidation

Garneau ARP Consolidation

Glastonbury NSP Consolidation

Glenridding Heights NSP Consolidation

Glenridding Ravine NSP Consolidation

Goodridge Corners NASP Consolidation

Gorman NSP Consolidation

Granville NSP Consolidation

Graydon Hill NASP Consolidation

Griesbach NASP Consolidation

Groat Estate Implementation Plan Consolidation

Haddow NASP Consolidation

Hawks Ridge NSP Consolidation

Hays Ridge NASP Consolidation

Henderson Estates NSP Consolidation

Heritage Valley Neighbourhood 14 NASP

Heritage Valley SCDB Consolidation

Heritage Valley Town Centre NASP

Hermitage General OP Consolidation

Hermitage OP - Central and East Neighbourhoods Consolidation

Highlands Neighbourhood Planning Study Consolidation

Hodgson NASP Consolidation

Hollick Kenyon NSP Consolidation

Horse Hill ASP Consolidation

Hudson NSP Consolidation

Jamieson Place NSP Consolidation

Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan

Kaskitayo OP Consolidation

Keheewin NASP Consolidation

Kennedale Industrial ASP Consolidation

Kernohan NSP Consolidation

Keswick NSP Consolidation

Kinglet Gardens NSP Consolidation

Kinokamau Plains ASP Consolidation

Kirkness OP Consolidation

Klarvatten NSP Consolidation

Lago Lindo NSP Consolidation

La Perle NSP Consolidation

Larkspur NSP Consolidation

Laurel NSP Consolidation

Leger NASP Consolidation

Lewis Farms ASP Consolidation

Lewis Farms Business Employment NSP

Lymburn NSP Consolidation

MacEwan NASP Consolidation

Mactaggart NASP Consolidation

Magrath Heights NASP Consolidation

Maple NSP Consolidation

Maple Ridge Industrial ASP Consolidation

Marquis NSP Consolidation

Matt Berry NSP Consolidation

Mattson NSP Consolidation

Mayliewan NSP Consolidation

McConachie NSP Consolidation

McKernan-Belgravia Station ARP Consolidation

McLeod (East) NASP Consolidation

McLeod (West) NASP Consolidation

Miller NASP Consolidation

Mill Woods Development Concept Consolidation

Mill Woods Station ARP Consolidation

Mistatim ASP Consolidation

Montrose/Santa Rosa ARP Consolidation

North Glenora Community Plan Consolidation

North Saskatchewan River Valley ARP Consolidation

Northlands ARP Consolidation

Northwest Industrial OP Consolidation

Norwood NIP Consolidation

Ogilvie Ridge NSP Consolidation

Oliver ARP Consolidation

Ormsby Place NSP Consolidation

Oxford NSP Consolidation

Ozerna NSP Consolidation

Paisley NASP Consolidation

Parkallen CDP Consolidation

Parkdale ARP Consolidation

Palisades ASP Consolidation

Pilot Sound ASP Consolidation

Pintail Landing NSP Consolidation

Place LaRue NASP Consolidation

Place LaRue West NASP Consolidation

Potter Greens NSP Consolidation

Pylypow Industrial ASP Consolidation

Rampart Industrial ASP Consolidation

Rapperswill NSP Consolidation

Rhatigan Ridge NSP Consolidation

Richford NASP Consolidation

Ritchie NIP/ARP Consolidation

Riverbend ASP Consolidation

Riverdale ARP Consolidation

River's Edge NSP Consolidation

Riverview ASP Consolidation

Riverview Neighbourhood Structure Plan

Rossdale ARP Consolidation

Rosenthal NSP Consolidation

Running Creek NSP Consolidation

Rutherford NASP Consolidation

Schonsee NSP Consolidation

Secord NSP Consolidation

Silver Berry NSP Consolidation

Southeast Area Plan Consolidation

Southeast ASP Consolidation

Southeast Industrial Area OP Consolidation

South Edmonton Common/Edmonton Research and Development Park ASP Consolidation

South Industrial Area Outline Plan Consolidation

South Terwillegar NASP Consolidation

Stadium Station ARP Consolidation

Starling NSP Consolidation

Stewart Greens NSP Consolidation

Stillwater NSP Consolidation

Strathcona ARP Consolidation

Strathcona Junction ARP Consolidation

Suder Greens NSP Consolidation

Summerlea NASP Consolidation

Summerside NSP Consolidation

Tamarack NSP Consolidation

Terra Losa NSP Consolidation

Terwillegar Heights SCDB Consolidation

Terwillegar Towne NASP Consolidation

The Grange ASP Consolidation

The Hamptons NSP Consolidation

The Meadows ASP Consolidation

The Orchards at Ellerslie NSP Consolidation

The Quarters Downtown ARP Consolidation

The Uplands NSP Consolidation

Trumpeter NSP Consolidation

Twin Brooks NASP Consolidation

Walker NSP Consolidation

Webber Greens NSP Consolidation

Wedgewood Heights NSP Consolidation

West Jasper Place OP Consolidation

West Jasper Place North ASP Consolidation

West Jasper Place South ASP Consolidation

West Ingle ARP Consolidation

Wild Rose NSP Consolidation

Windermere ASP Consolidation

Windermere NSP Consolidation

Winterburn Industrial ASP Consolidation

Yellowhead  Corridor ASP Consolidation

York NASP Consolidation

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Contact the designated Neighbourhood Planner.

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