Edmonton is a young city experiencing significant growth. Over the next 30 years, Edmonton will be home to more than one million people.

In order to responsibly accommodate this growth, the City has adopted a Growth Coordination Strategy, which was approved by Council in November 2012.

How the Growth Coordination Strategy Works

The Growth Coordination Strategy is fundamentally about integrated information sharing to inform decision making, and provides a framework to identify and manage future public obligations and accommodate growth in the City through the following actions:

  • Monitoring infrastructure commitments and growth indicators as specified in The Way We Grow and incorporating growth information into departmental master plans, financial planning, and three and ten-year budget planning. 
  • Reporting to City Council through an annual 2017 Growth Monitoring Report and through new Area and Neighbourhood Structure Plan applications.
  • Coordinating planning and provision of infrastructure in developing neighbourhoods by providing consistent, comprehensive, and timely information provided to all business areas of the City.
  • Communicating and collaborating with private, public, and non-profit community builders to identify and share the information they need for their growth related decision making. This will be done through a Growth Coordination Committee which will provide a forum for ongoing discussion and information sharing of growth information.

The Growth Coordination Strategy works in conjunction with other City policies and initiatives. Ongoing discussions with stakeholders in the development of new communities, and annual updating of the Growth Monitoring Report, will ensure that the Growth Coordination Strategy continues to evolve to best accommodate expected demand for growth while managing future public obligations.