Winter Life outdoors

Note: The numbering system connects the goals and activities to the Implementation Plan.

Goals of the Winter Life Pillar:

  • L1 - Make it easier to 'go play outside': Provide more opportunities for outdoor activity
  • L2 - Improve winter transportation for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users

What we were up to this past winter:

Cross-Country Ski Trails
Supported the "End to End" ski trail vision, by increasing cross-country ski trail grooming service levels in the river valley and enhanced ski trail connectivity between river valley parks. (Action L1.4)

Skate Equipment
Provided 90 pairs of skates, 2 pairs of bobskates, 25 helmets and storage racks for all equipment to the Boyle Street Community League. (Action L1.5)

Ski and Snowboard Lessons
Sponsored and promoted free alpine ski and snowboard lessons in partnership with Snow Valley Ski Club and the Edmonton Ski Club. (Action L1.9)

Snow Clearing
Piloted a snow clearing program on an on-street bike route along 10th Street, from 29th Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive. Winter cycling (Action L2.5)

Supported Winter Walk Day. (in support of Goals L1 and L2).
Hosted Sip & Slide Sundays and provided free hot chocolate for Edmontonians. (in support of Goal L1)

What we’re working on now:

Planning a pilot project to use snow and ice as a resource that is fun, beautiful and interesting in partnership with Edmonton's Federation of Community Leagues. (Action L1.11)

Developing a winter party toolkit to help inspire and support community groups to participate in more creative and successful winter events. (Action L1.6)

If you are looking for ways to embrace winter, check out our top 10 list on Embracing Winter.

Please note that the second goal of the Winter Life Pillar (Goal L2) is being considered as part of the work in the development of Winter Design Guidelines.