The following process is used to determine road and pavement upgrades throughout the city.

Pavement Management

Pavement management is a systematic method to assess pavement condition, to identify maintenance and renewal (M&R) needs and to plan pavement maintenance and rehabilitation activities. A pavement management system (PMS) is a tool to track pavement inventory and condition, estimate future condition, determine M&R requirements and costs and develop and prioritize M&R projects.

The pavement management system identifies which roads in Edmonton require maintenance or rehabilitation based on cost and the condition of the road. This process identifies the right treatment, on the right road, at the right time, to improve overall road conditions. It also allows for the City to plan the overall Roadway Renewal Program and the funding required to improve the roads, sidewalks and curbs.

Each year, the City collects roadway, sidewalk and curb data which helps identify what infrastructure requires maintenance or increased rehabilitation, currently and in the future. The data collected each year includes:

  • Pavement roughness

  • Pavement structural capacity

  • Pavement surface level distress

  • Overall pavement condition

Once all the data is collected, a recommendation is put forward for the type of renewal treatment that is required. The types of upgrades include:

  • Preventative treatments (examples: crack sealing and microsurfacing)

  • Spot repairs

  • Pavement resurfacing 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Reconstruction

2021 Fact: The City currently manages over 10,000 lane kilometres of roads and 5,568 kilometres of sidewalks.