Looking forward, we are seeking to further our community relationships and partnerships, as well as opportunities to apply our wellbeing framework to a variety of community and City projects. 

We will continue to support new prototypes, as well as the prototypes that are currently in development. This process involves researching, designing and testing ideas, and learning how to meaningfully incorporate the six kinds of connection. It also relies on pursuing partnerships to share in the cost and the development of this wellbeing work, and building relationships of trust in many different communities.

We will be looking for ways to enhance our partnerships with post-secondary institutions, and to assist professors and students who are using the wellbeing framework in their course work. 

And, as always, our work involves a lot of collaboration — with individuals, community groups, businesses, service agencies, governments, and other external partners. We are always interested in new and unusual partnerships to drive prototype development, and we’re excited about connecting further with our advisors within Recover’s Catalyst Group.

If you have ideas for community wellbeing that you’d like Recover to consider, please reach out to us.