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Together, the vision, mission and the core principles act as the framework to form the foundation and road map for Live Active.


A healthy, vibrant Edmonton in which people embrace active lifestyles that improve their individual well-being as well as that of their families, neighbourhoods and communities.


To encourage Edmontonians to become passionate about, and committed to, physical activity throughout their lives. Regardless of their age, gender or background, Edmontonians participate across the spectrum of active living, active recreation and sport activities to the level of their  ability throughout all seasons.

Core Principles 

Inclusion: Edmontonians of all ages, abilities, and communities have opportunities to be involved in active living, active recreation and sport.

Accessibility: Active living, active recreation, and sport choices will be accessible in every sense in order to ensure inclusion. While it is impossible to make every activity affordable for everyone, organizations can lower the barriers to a range of quality options so every Edmontonian can be more active.

Physical Activity Has a Social Benefit: Edmontonians choose their own ways to be active, and are encouraged and supported in their choice.

Supporting Excellence: By fostering an environment committed to excellence, including world-class infrastructure and programs, Edmonton will support people who train and compete at the highest levels of their ability.

Collaboration and Innovation: No one agency, community, or government can achieve this vision on its own. The City of Edmonton and partners need to work together collaboratively and in innovative ways across the spectrum of activity, among diverse types of organizations, and across communities.

Continued Connections: In order for collective action to be successful, there is ongoing, regular connection, information sharing, and collaborative action among all partners.

The Benefits

Diagram depicting the benefits of the Live Active program.

Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.