The Corporate Accessibility Plan is a 3-year plan to support implementation of the Accessibility for People with Disabilities Policy. 

The Corporate Accessibility Plan includes 70 accessibility actions that will be implemented between 2021 and 2024 to support the City’s commitment to making Edmonton a more accessible city for all. 

Progress Update - September 2022

Out of the 70 accessibility actions in the Plan:

  • 19 actions completed
  • 44 actions in progress
  • 7 actions planned

Accomplishments in the first year include:

  • Accessible Communication Services Pilot Program started and helps remove communication barriers that Edmontonians who are deaf or hard of hearing face when participating in City’s registered recreation programs 
  • A user-friendly landing page was created on Accessibility for People with Disabilities for City accessibility information and resources
  • The City’s Social Media Guidelines were updated to require accessibility best practices
  • A Guide for Inclusive Hiring and Guidelines for Inclusive Job Postings were developed to implement equitable and inclusive hiring practices at the City
  • A Voter Accessibility Plan for the 2021 municipal election outlined measures to mitigate barriers to participation identified by residents

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