The City created a Corporate Accessibility Plan, to support implementation of the Accessibility for People with Disabilities Policy. This Plan includes 64 accessibility actions that will be implemented over the next three years (2021-2024) to support the City’s commitment to making Edmonton a more accessible city for all. We will provide updates on our progress throughout this period. 

Corporate Accessibility Plan

Audio Version of the Corporate Accessibility Plan

Plan Development History

February - March 2020 Phase 1 Public Engagement to understand the current state and identify barriers
May 2020 Draft Accessibility Actions
November - December 2020 Phase 2 Public Engagement to collect feedback on draft actions
March 2021 Draft Corporate Accessibility Plan 
June 2021 Corporate Accessibility Plan approved by City Manager


Thank you for sharing your feedback during the engagement sessions. The What We Heard Report includes details of our findings. 

Accessible formats of the report and the Corporate Accessibility Plan are available upon request. Please email