Our Goal: Conserving Edmonton's Natural Areas

  • Edmonton's natural landscapes are being drastically altered for residential, industrial and agricultural development
  • Our challenge is to form cohesive action between government, public, development, and ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations) interests

In 2001, "Conserving Edmonton's Natural Areas: A Framework for Urban Conservation" was released. It outlines the strategies for conserving Edmonton's natural areas and facilitating broader community discussion.

Key points in the report:

  • To achieve success, there needs to be a stronger, cohesive voice from the environmental, business and civic communities to champion conservation projects
  • Edmonton's table lands and river valley and ravine system create a unique natural network that improves the quality life of Edmontonians
  • Conserving sites now ensures future generations have access to unique aspects of their natural heritage
  • Conserving natural areas makes good business and health sense
  • A partnership must be built on mutual respect

This report has two volumes:

Volume 1- Executive Summary

Volume 2- Technical Report

Did you know?

Our Vision Statement: The City of Edmonton will encourage the conservation and integration of as many environmentally sensitive areas and significant natural areas into Edmonton's future urban environment as are sustainable and feasible.