Status Update

As part of the Reimagine Services work, business cases were developed to identify cost savings and revenue-generating opportunities. The business cases contain actions that the City is not pursuing, as well as the 18 actions that will be discussed further at Council on July 5. Administration will continue to listen and follow any new direction set by Council regarding the 18 actions.

On June 23, 2021, Council held a Special Executive Committee, where several residents and stakeholders had the opportunity to provide their feedback on the 18 cost-saving and revenue-generating actions that administration brought forward.

Reimagine Services Business Cases

An external consultant developed business cases based on direction from the City to look at five of our largest budgeted service areas for cost-saving opportunities. There were no limits placed on the scope of their review. From the business cases, the City advanced 18 actions to Council. Discussion will continue at the July 5 City Council meeting and Administration will continue to listen and take direction from Council regarding next steps on these actions.