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The Values state how Edmontonians want to experience our future city. The Outcomes describe the conditions that will emerge in Edmonton’s future.

The City Plan must reflect both Edmontonians’ desired future state and their experience of places and spaces within their community everyday. The City Plan has six guiding values that articulate how Edmontonians want to experience their future city. They are:

  • I want to BELONG and contribute
  • I want to LIVE in a place that feels like home
  • I want opportunities to THRIVE
  • I want more ACCESS within my city
  • I want to PRESERVE what matters most
  • I want to be able to CREATE and innovate

At the intersection of The City Plan’s six Guiding Values and Council’s four goals are 24 City Building Outcomes, revealing what Edmontonians ultimately want to experience in the city. The city-building outcomes provide the first step towards developing The City Plan policy.

Guiding Values and City Building Outcomes

Matrix describing The City Plan's Guiding Values and City Building OutcomesGuiding Values and City Building Outcomes Matrix

Big City Moves

The five Big City Moves described below are an invitation for Edmontonians to work together to build our future city. They define bold, transformative priorities that will create a different set of opportunities for Edmonton by advancing City Council’s Strategic vision, principles and goals through The City Plan. 

A Community of Communities

An image showing a map of Edmonton with coloured squares and lines imposed over top.Is about building connections to welcome new residents and developing housing, recreation and employment centres that are within reach. Distinct geographic districts comprised of many neighbourhoods and sub-areas within the city are supported by local community hubs and social gathering places.

They are linked by a range of efficient mobility options and walkable features. Diverse design and development opportunities are provided to meet the needs of residents through all life’s phases. Accessibility is improved so residents can turn their time and attention to the things that really matter, like neighbourliness.


A Rebuildable City

An image showing a map of Edmonton with arrows and circles imposed over top.Is about working with what we have today and continuously adapting and re-imagining our built environment to meet the needs of the future. Edmonton actively enables redevelopment. The city is constantly evolving, intensifying and becoming more efficient in response to new demands, opportunities and design ideas.

Reshaping the city to better serve another million residents will require that we preserve our heritage assets while deliberately making more room to grow. In a rebuildable city residents respect the past but also understand the need to adjust, to be creative, and to be open to new possibilities that make our community thrive.

Greener as We Grow

An image showing a map of Edmonton with a green highlighting spreading outward imposed over top.Is about creating a city that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment through good design and conscious development decisions.

By reclaiming underused sites, adopting regenerative design practices, becoming more energy efficient, and enhancing urban biodiversity, Edmonton’s physical growth and population expansion are not detrimental but instead act as a catalyst to sustainability and resilience. By designing for people, a greener city is a place where everyone has access to natural spaces and can enjoy the benefits of living a healthier, and better connected, outdoor life.

Inclusive and Compassionate

An image showing a map of Edmonton with coloured, swirling shapes imposed over top.Is city-making that supports human-centred design where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can not only survive, but thrive. It’s where the Indigenous roots of our region are celebrated and made concrete in our daily lives, and where newcomers feel welcome and at home.

By focusing on building a city that emphasizes compassion and inclusivity, the City of Edmonton and Edmonton residents alike are intentional in their efforts to reduce poverty, provide attainable and affordable housing and eliminate homelessness.

Catalyze and Converge

An image showing a map of Edmonton with cogs and arrows imposed over top.Is about developing new physical and economic opportunities for ideas, talent and investment to come together. It’s where innovation, creativity, and technology go hand-in-hand with purpose and energy, and where partnerships are ignited to steward our future economy and support personal prosperity.

By creating a collaborative environment where businesses, academic institutions, the arts, and technology spark synergies and drive competitiveness ahead, Edmonton is attractive by design.

Current Edmonton Trends and Emerging Directions

Provides a snapshot of the current context for change and highlights areas where there is a an imperative for further attention to affect positive outcomes.

City Moves and Levers for Change

Building Edmonton is a collective project that requires many voices, interests and ideas to come together to make things happen.

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