The City of Edmonton's Office of Environment has partnered with Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) and the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) to create the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges.

This panel, made up of 60 Edmonton residents recruited for their diversity, met from October to December. The panelists used a specially created Citizens’ Handbook to learn more about climate change and energy vulnerabilities. They were also provided with information from a variety of resource materials and guest speakers and delved into the recommendations contained in Edmonton’s Energy Transition Discussion Paper.

The panel offered their advice and feedback about the discussion paper recommendations: their acceptability, how far and how fast to implement them, and areas of common ground and divergence among citizens. Read:


summary discussion report
final report
impacts since the final report was released




    A strong team of researchers and public involvement specialists are working alongside City Administration to design the Citizens’ Panel process and track its influence on participants and its impact on the City.

    Check out the video that summarizes the entire public involvement process as well as their experiences, thoughts and sentiments.

    The Citizens’ Panel supports The Way We Green, Edmonton’s Environmental Strategic Plan.

    The City will review the panel's feedback and recommendations on next steps.


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